First you need a boat

blessed owners
Calling back home to the family before we head for the airport

So, here we are…how far back do I go and talking about the beginning of this dream? Since before Jake and Ryan were Jake and Ryan. Really before that. Before Mike and I met.

Back in the old days when Mike and I were dating we discovered our mutual love for sailing,

M–“You were on that dock in Oahu (Hawaii Yacht club guest dock) too?”

Me–“Yeah, I spent the night on the guest dock on Ocean Star, Kenwood cup… what about you?”

M–“Yeah, I was there too same place for transpac!”

We both had dreams about taking a family around the world sailing.

Somebody in the heavens was giggling.

Fast forward to 2 babies later, lots of boat time with Fairwind on a Catalina 32 and a Catalina 38 over to Catalina and back, we found ourselves dreaming and wondering is there ever going to be a time or means to do this?

What would that be like… taking the kids on a trip to discover the world together as a family. What are we all working and driving ourselves towards anyway? Of course we want the absolute best for our kids. We do everything to bring them up the best that we know how and to give them the best possible launch pad into the world to be happy, giving, thoughtful, productive and successful people.

So, what IS best? More income for more events? Activities? Stuff? What is the one real commodity you can never get back, or really seem to never have enough of?

My friend Beth once said, how do you spell love? T I M E.

And it just doesn’t seem to slow down and wait for you to have all your ducks in a row to be able to take off and do what you want the way you want when you think you’re ready to do it. Hmm. Are we ready to retire? Absolutely not.

All those days we kayaked through Marina del Rey, we would make sure to visit the Lagoons, never thinking we would really be on one any time soon. For years, Mike would search the market and send me a message about a fabulous preowned Lagoon–great deal if we could get it right then. Um, but how ($) and with what plan to sail it? We kept the dream alive–boat shows, watching other blogs of people sailing catamarans somewhere, even visiting Abaco back in 2014, touring the charter cats in Marsh Harbor while there.

Mike is 6 foot 7. Headroom is an issue and imagine that an angle for a year. Monohaul would have been just fine at 25, 30… kids, cooking, a little less like camping, many have been moving to catamarans. In fact that’s how I started sailing. I jumped on a 16 foot Hobie and never looked back when I was a kid.

Then one day as we perused yachtworld as usual for what might be out there, a boat stood out and almost made sense.

So, we’re going to go get a boat. Or at least look, do a sea trial and figure out if this is it.

With an option on a lagoon 400 (we had secured a broker who has been educating us all along the way) the Hurricanes hit and wiped out the charter fleets throughout the Caribbean – 90% of them. Things were starting to look a little better to plunk down quite an investment

So, we’re going to go get a boat. Or at least look, do a sea trial and figure out if this is it.

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