T minus 9 days, 36 things in 3 days and still counting…

Ryan’s home run and 3rd, 4th and 5th RBI

So let’s see here’s the list of what’s happened in the last 3 days alone:

1. Greek consulate won’t give us an appointment for visas. have been keeping quite an email conversation going on with this interesting consulate throughout.

2. We’ve decided we’re going to yank the kids from school my husband from work and we’re going to crash the embassy excuse me consulate tomorrow and beg

3. Needed a brake job now on my car fantastic husband fixed it

4. Then his tire went flat. Fantastic husband fixed it

5. Making it a habit of staying up to 1 2 or 3 in the morning falling asleep over something I have to get done and it doesn’t get done.

6. Freaking out because the boat is still out of the water not a thing has been done yet the marina hasn’t written us or communicated for days nor has the local guy working on the boat.

7. Called said Marina at ridiculous expense this morning to see why they aren’t answering our emails. connected guy working on boat to Marina found out we could get Amazon. UK stuff finally shipped to the marina

8. Adding ridiculously expensive things charged in British Pounds to Amazon UK to avoid Customs nightmares to ship to Kos because lovely Norwegian Airlines only allows two bags per person and one strange item per person. No more know how can’t pay for it tough.

9. fell asleep working on getting a student discount code for send my bags.com to see if I can’t ship certain things door the door and then figure out how we get them through customs since we can’t send them through Norwegian.

10. Doing assessments with kids just finished really cool haven’t finished the order yet still for The Homeschool books from Jenny Phillips working on it.

11. Picked up 12 more large Costco boxes for packing.

12. Packed a good portion of the house tons of crap everywhere leftover still more furniture realize I don’t have enough time or enough hands to get it all done

13. Drop the dog off at the vet on Monday had to get heartworm blood test and heartworm medication shipped to Arizona. Never mind I’m going to miss her every minute of the day once we’re gone

14. Not at all least kids have been in baseball playoffs and my wonderful 10 year old Ryan pitched had over five strikeouts in his small bat with pitching so that he didn’t get burned before the next playoff game 5 RBIs and a solid home run over the fence the only one in minors this year! Probably his best game so far he’s thrilled he’s on the upswing for baseball loves it more than anything and as everyone goes to congratulate him he’s crying his eyes out because his team lost and he’s heartbroken that he won’t be playing baseball with his friends. We promised him that we would play the game around the world baseball where we practice pitching and catching and batting in every country we visit.

15. Had an emotional meltdown for my other child the 12 year old who runs like a gazelle who’s gifted at baseball as well. so it’s been a little bit different year this year for him. Proceeded to share my emotional meltdown with the coach’s wife ( who both she and her husband happen to be some of the nicest people we know!!) He’s an awesome coach. Luckily they forgave my mental midget meltdown.

16. Scored both baseball games and enjoyed it got to see the older one get on base and field beautifully last night even though they didn’t make it it was a tough game great game so we have about a week break before there’s more baseball just before we leave. we’re going to miss it big time

17. just made the deadline by midnight Monday night to turn in my darling 12 year olds Little League pictures from the past seven or eight years looking for all those pictures like needles in a haystack for the 12 year-old dedication for the yearbook we may not get. hopefully it will get shipped to my incredibly awesome sister-in-law.

18. have visited the eye doctor three times in three days to make sure to get my incredibly complicated eyeglasses prescription straight before leaving and not being able to do a darn thing about it once we’re gone.

19. Need to order more duffle bags, electronics for boat

20. Need to find wind scoops that will ship to Greece. It’s 96 degrees today. Nope , no AC

21. just finished our homeschool application and emailed it out so that they have a couple of hours to look at it before we show up tonight.

22. realize I still haven’t ordered the wirie pro for networking , thera bands for Pilates on the boat… water filter for water going directly into water tanks on the boat r o filter for the kitchen sink for the boat, at about 23 other things I can think of right now

23. scheduled in time to make phone calls to chase after the entire Year’s planner with every single thing in it important to me from this past year and coming up to see if it could be found. It hasn’t turned up.

24. REalized haven’t finished off paying bills from the entire week before in North Carolina checking out Wilmington for potential return.

25. More bills I just remembered.

26. Move everything out of upstairs as the drywallers are coming to soundproof the upstairs.

27. reminded ourselves that we missed picking up hand railings Etc to get put in on the stairwell going up to the master bedroom

28. still have no idea who the cleaning service is going to be who’s going to come in and make this whole mess beautiful again for our fantastic new renter joe

29. keep telling myself I’m going to drop everything off at needs to go to the safe deposit box when I drop the kids off still haven’t done it

30. keep failing on my so-called healthy diet as I eat the wrong stuff in a hurry or get too stressed out to eat right anyway and go for chocolate or tortilla chips instead and have a Skinny Girl Margarita while scoring a baseball game (Thank You Caroline and Shawna!) 10 lbs lbs to go. the same 10 pounds from May 1st April 1st March 1st and February 1st.

31. have not shopped for bathing suit yet don’t want to put one on. who has time to shop anyway.

32. Laundry laundry laundry laundry and more laundry . Note the picture of the children arriving late to school wearing each other’s pants yes one is too short one is too long. And there are still about 8 more loads to fish BEFORE packing the rest of the house.

33. Prayed as my husband gave his 2 week notice yesterday from his perfectly good job/ career. Like we say just like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

34. Ran out of time to make up the field trip t-shirts for us and the cards to pass out.

35. Went to a pilates tower class with one of my favorite people /teachers Sooze for the last time–staying ahead of the back injury from 2 weeks ago!

36. Fielded a phone call from an extremely kind and helpful person from the Greek consulate who suggested there’s a chance we could get into the Texas consulate a whole lot faster.

37. ………

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