2 days….thank you

We’re leaving Friday….. yep Friday. We’re standing on the beach Saturday night and I thought for some crazy reason we would have more time next week in town to finish packing. Nope. Proof lack of sleep stress age? Causes seriously faulty thinking!

Friends to the rescue… Teresa and Valerie and janet for packing my dishes! John and LeAnn my fabulous neighbors organizing everything in the living room and dropping us the most amazing books as well for the journey! Chris Koga thank you so much for the wonderful Bible curriculum and thoughtful book every family should have. Teresa and Cindy for throwing such an amazing party Saturday thank you! Kathy Pat and kids for coming all the way from Orange County to wish us goodbye! Curt and Deena for coming from Avalon to say goodbye! Kurt we need you on the arc…not kidding….really.

Janet Sherry Kristen all that carpooling with kids, prayer and friendship not necessarily in that order? thank you,! Greg and Beverly watching out for our last minute packages, helping us move out and always being amazing friends and neighbors! John and Leeann also for great reads and help, Agnes and Mike too much to list here and for your wonderful friendship will miss you too! Julia and Hector saving me getting that sat phone started and all of the wonderful advice on anchorage’s etcetera I’m so psyched to start our friendship! Really a thank you to everyone for rallying around us to make this come together more smoothly– thank you for helping us so much! Thank you to our teachers School staff for coming around and helping our kids leave 2 weeks early and helping us plan for the following year we’re going to miss all of you so so much! Steph, Jasmine… all the new med sailing people we’ve met who have come together to help us know there are more thank yous and more friendships I should be acknowledging but at the risk of sounding like an award show I should just stop! We really appreciate everyone.

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