Heading to Kalymnos! The most beautiful blue ever

Truly amazing the Aegean. The blue is indescribable. It is a truly perfect day. We’re finally sailing from the Kos Marina where we’ve been for almost 13 days. We are in Turkish water as we head to Kalymnos, another Greek island above Kos. It was a sad goodbye, especially leaving brand new friends from South Africa.

I really hope we see them again someday… And I’m so thankful we get to keep in touch on WhatsApp all the time :).

So a very quick run down of the last few days we’ve had to make some repairs a little add AIS to be tracked and track other boats. We picked up our Greek transit log that you absolutely must have to sail within Greece and you turned it in when you leave.

We drove the island for day to the other side of the island..Kefalos, snorkeled and swam to an island..bit first, we pulled to a beach, mike got out then came back to the car with us in it. he says we have a Bit of an issue it’s a topless beach. My awesome sweet kids took one look around and said let’s go we have to leave let’s go somewhere else! So we drove around the corner and found the picture above jumped in and swam to the island and hiked to the top.

The next day we biked all around, Discovering ruins from 2nd century BC eating gyros, riding through neighborhoods, finding gelato and our very favorite bakery next door to H2O with fantastic sweet breads and loukamades!!

These are little round pastries soaked in light honey that I’ve loved since I was little. My new fave is the sweet breads with the chocolate center, again, soaked in honey.

Last night was delightful with Denise and David and their friends aboard their beautiful catamaran. I wish we had more time with them and their sweet girls.

We put out the word that we thought it would be great to have a captain to go with us for a few days just to get the lay of the land and have some ideas about sailing a catamaran as it’s a bit different than a monohaul. For one thing, there is more torque on the mast… you don’t heal over so you have to put reefs in the main sooner. So I don’t think we will run into this…its a great calm weather window, so we will practice maneuvering with stelios our captain .

Mike went to the police station to get our transit log stamped out this morning while I ran out to get all kinds of goodies for the boat which I have no idea what or how much I need. But, I’ll figure it out along the way. So I figured if I had an enormous vat of nutella, a bunch of crispy toasts, milk, water and a number of other things we could survive anything.

Our fridge is pretty much 20% of the size of the fridge at home and a freezer that holds about 3 large bottles of water so that means I didn’t pack very much fresh to go with us.

Needless to say we’re looking to spend a lot more money in Athens on a freezer and I can hardly wait to see ikea where we could get pillowcases forks things like that that you just simply can’t get ahold of on Kos.

We will also see our 2 large bags being held hostage by customs haha to the tune of another 2 to $300 for the fun of it just because waiting With a wonderful guy recommended to us by the name of George who knows everyone to help fix anything and he was so kind to let us have our bags sent to his house!

So this evening we are heading directly for a sheltered Bay and nice water and quiet place on clean nose will leave in the morning for the next islands and I’ll leave you with how relaxed Ryan is :).

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